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Points to note when you are upgrading to Windows 8.1.

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Important notes on "OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive)" introduced on Windows 8.1.

On Windows 8.1, OneDrive (SkyDrive) is introduced as one of the standard options of where to save files.
This function enables you to save files on a cloud server supplied by Microsoft Cooperation.

Files saved on OneDrive can be easily accessed by third-party users depending on the settings.
Also, it has a directory-synchronization function, which could upload files without your intention, leading to a leakage of information.

If you are planning to use OneDrive, please read the acceptable use policy (Microsoft) and handle it carefully.

On this page we will introduce how you can disable OneDrive.
Having problems connecting to a LAN services after installing Windows 8.1 on your system?
Due to malfunctions concerned with the communication terminals, some user, who upgraded their system to Windows 8.1, have faced problems when connecting to our LAN services (i.e. utwlan-w and utwlan-x).

Please check information provided by the manufacturers of your PC before you upgrade to Windows 8.1
For more information, please refer to "Notice from Academic Computing and Communications Center".

Compatibility after upgrading to Windows 8.1
If you upgrade from Windows 7 (or an older version of OS) to Windows 8.1, the new OS might not support the applications you are currently using.

For further information, please check "About compatibility when upgrading your OS".

If you have installed Office 2013 before upgrading to Windows 8.1

We use EES License to provide Office2013. If you have installed Office 2013 using EES license and are planning to upgrade to Windows 8.1 by purchasing it from the Microsoft Store, your license will be formatted and an alert pop-up will be displayed.

To avoid this, you will have to add a registry file and register license once again.
Please check here for the procedure on how to add registry files.

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If you are currently using Windows 8.1, please read above and continue from below.

Software Distribution and Management System

For unclear points and other instructions, please check our manual.

Enhancing security on Windows 8.1

Managing local account settings
  1. Click "create new account" on the sign-in screen.
  2. Select "Sign in without a Microsoft account" located in the lower part of the screen.
  3. Enter your user name and password to create an account.
Checking the status of OneDrive (SkyDrive) after installing Windows 8.1

  1. Move the cursor to the upper-right side or the lower-right side of your screen to launch the charm menu.
  2. Click "Setting".
  3. Click "Change PC settings" at the lower-right side.
  4. Click "OneDrive (SkyDrive)".
  5. If the save setting is allowing saves at OneDrive (SkyDrive), choose "Off" to change the setting.