Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)

University of Tsukuba entered an Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) agreement with Microsoft.
Microsoft products such as Windows OS (upgrade only) and MS Office are available for faculty/staff managed PCs.

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An online distribution system supplies installation packages for Microsoft Office and Windows (upgrade only). When downloading, authentication by the Unified Authentication System ID (UTID-13) of a faculty/staff is required.

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Media Lending

The EES contract allows primarily for online distribution of media. However, physical media may be lent as a backup option. Media lending is faculty and staff only. Four lending locations are currently available.

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Home Use

The privileges of the EES contract "Office 365" is available to eligible members as long as the contract is valid. Office 365 allows to use Microsoft Office products on home computers at no expense. Please note that Windows OS is not included.

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    ◆ On termination of security support for Office 2016 for Mac
     Security support for the software will be terminated in Oct.13, 2020.
     If you are using it, please upgrade to Office 2019 for Mac.
     Or you can switch to use the Microsoft Office (for private use) (, in which case the software is available at the AppStore.
    ◆ "Office 2010 Professional Plus" is not provided at this site now.
     This is because its security support will end in October.
     We strongly recommend you to (switch to) use the "Office 2016 Professional Plus" or later ones.
    ◆ Execution of updates such as Office 2016 installed by EES
     If you are using Office Proplus 2016 (including Office 2013 and Office 2010) installed from the software distribution management system (Download Station) on ESS contract on Windows 10, and you want to apply the Office update, please enable the setting following the steps below.

     It is recommended to apply the latest update from the viewpoint of security and bug fixes, but by enabling this setting, other Microsoft applications will also be included in the scope of the update, so it is up to you to decide whether to enable the settings. Bugs may occur if you enable the settings. Please note that they are outside our support.

     * In Office Proplus 2019, you can apply updates within Office applications without having to enable the following settings.

     Setting steps
     (1) Select the Windows icon (window icon at the bottom left of the screen).

     (2) Select "Settings" (screw icon).

     (3) Select "Update and Security".

     (4) Select "Advanced Options" of Windows Update.
     (5) Turn on "Get updates for other Microsoft products when updating Windows".
     (6) Return to the Windows Update screen and execute “Check for updates”.
     (7) After the update program has been applied, click "Display update histories".
      You can check if Office related updates have been applied.
    ◆ "Windows 7" may not be secure now
     "Windows 7" is no longer supported with security update hence is not provided now at this site.
    ◆ ACCC has started offering Office 2019
     ACCC has started offering Office 2019
     ACCC has also started offering Office 2019 for Mac.
     Please read the following instructions carefully before you install Office 2019.
     (General instruction for installing Office 2019 Windows version)
     ※Office 2019 works only on Windows 10 operating system.
     ※Restart your PC after installing Office 2019 program.
     (Otherwise Office 2019 will not be activated.)
     Note: While installing Office 2019, your machine must be connected to campus network.
     (For the activation, system requires to connect to MS site through campus network to authenticate KMS license. Please refer to the following website regarding the details of KMS authentication
     ※ Uninstall old version of Office program before you install Office 2019.
     (If you do not uninstall old version, Office 2019 will not work properly)
     Please uninstall old version of Office on your own responsibility
     (General instruction for installing Office for Mac 2019)
     ※Office 2019 for Mac works on the latest version macOS and up to two previous versions.
     ※Uninstall old version of Office application before you install Office 2019 for Mac.
      Delete Office application Icon from Finder application list.
      Move 「Excel」「Word」「PowerPoint」「outlook」「OneNote」 and 「OneDrive」 Icons into Trash Box.
     ※If you have Office application in the Dock holder, delete those Icons.
      Please uninstall old version of Office on your own responsibility
     ※Apply both “Installer” and “Serializer” when you install Office 2019 for Mac.
     The difference between Office 2019, Office 2016 and Office 365 are listed in the comparison table.
    ◆ "Office for Mac 2011" may not be secure now
     "Office for Mac 2011" is no longer supported with security update hence
     is not provided now at this site. We strongly recommend you
     to (switch to) use the "Office for Mac 2016" or later ones.
    ◆ On installing "Office 2016 for Mac"
     To install "Office 2016 for Mac", both the ”installer” and the ”serializer” are necessary.
     For those using earlier "office2016forMac" and it didn't work (failed to activate, etc), please uninstall it and download the current one from the DownloadStation here.

     ※To uninstall, please move the Office applications「Excel」「Word」「PowerPoint」「outlook」「OneNote」and 「OneDrive」to the Trash Box. And remove them from the Dock bar if they were there.
     ※Please be informed that uninstall is done at your own risk.
    ◆ HUP (Home Use Program) has been terminated
     HUP is not included in the privilege of EES now, so please stop using it
     and uninstall it from your device(s) immediately.
    ◆ACCC has received reports of a spam email titled ”ご注意!!OFFICEのプロダクトキーが不正コピーされています (Warning!! Your Office product key has been illegally copied)". Please ignore it if you receive it. (Jan. 13, 2017)
    ◆End of Support — Older Versions of Internet Explorer (Mar. 9, 2016)
     The older versions (older than version 11) of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) reached
     the end of support as of January 13, 2016 (Japan time), and the security patches
     provided on the day were the last ones. Since they no longer receive new security
     patches, they are vulnerable to security threats such as computer viruses. This could
     cause information leakage as well as malfunction in them.

     Check your version of IE, and if you are running an older version, we recommend you
     should upgrade it to IE 11, the latest version, as quickly as possible.

     ■Windows 8
      The latest version of IE for Windows 8 is IE 10. By upgrading your OS to Windows 8.1,
      you can upgrade your browser to IE 11.
      The University of Tsukuba provides its members with Windows 8.1 downloads under
      the Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) contract.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE:If a security alert about license authentication pops up (June 3, 2013.)
     Install the registry file below to make license authentication work:  If the authentication fails even with this fix, email us via the contact form.
    Periodic Maintenance
     Download Station and license authentication are unavailable for about 10 minutes from 7:30 a.m. on the second
     Thursday of each month.

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